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Making the most of your sales data

March 2, 2022

In a rapidly changing world sales people and leaders are making much better use of data. It’s becoming a real differentiator.

Listen to Adam Brown and Dave Mc from Bellrock Technology and Richard Higham on making the best use of your sales data



  1. Automation doesn't replace the human being it just creates efficiency.
  2. Evidence based decision making
  3. Demystifying the data story



“One of the things that I'm really conscious of the whole time is this sea of data that's coming towards us all. In the old days, we didn't know enough. Now, I could spend all day every day in the data”

“I think you've got to put it in a kind of pictorial format, and make it easier for people to understand demystifying the data story is really important. And it will, it will happen over time. But I think right now, as we're on that huge curve, you've got to take time with people, and you've got to kind of take them through and tell them the story, and how it's going to impact and help their business.”



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GSR host, Richard Higham writes, speaks, consults, coaches and trains on sales performance in a changing world. He serves as Managing Director of SalesLevers and as part of the leadership team of Gyroscope International.










Bellrock technology are a data specialist software for the work with lots of different companies all looking to exploit the data that they hold, or potentially even the external or third party data, or for the benefit of their business.


Website: Bellrock Technology – Powering the shift to data driven

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